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Born-to-be a leader, he doesn't get frustrated of the uncertainties ahead of him.
To top it of all, he says "I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders."
He will write down success stories we'll be proud of. I'll always help him.

Yakup Bayrak
Sherpa Digital & DAM Startup Studio

Berk is a brave young entrepreneur who is able to work at full speed without being affected by any negativity.

Kadir Can Kırkoyun

He is a highly aware individual and he has a strong passion for entrepreneurship.
Berk's greatest strength is his ability to communicate. He is observing everything very well and he draw his path and takes decisions.
It is a great pleasure to be witness of Berk's journey.

Zehra Doruk
Hack'nBreak & OpenCampus

Going above & beyond in everything he does without any doubt. Berk is one of the most promising youngpreneurs.

Ilker Elal

He is intelligent, creative person with deep interest and knowledge in technology and business.
He has "outside of box" thinking, which makes working with him interesting and valuable experience.

Alptekin Can

He is a featured young person who has exactly characteristic qualities which is wanted in the startup ecosystem.
He exhibits an entrepreneur profile with his researcher and observer approaches and knowledge.
He is notable for his high confidence, social helpfulness and commitment to improve his projects with focus on success and result.

Hasan Selman
8Digit & Pandora AR

Berk is a futuristic talent that develops in entrepreneurship and UI/UX design.
I am sure Berk will do very important things in the near future. He is a very intelligent person.
He has the ability to learn and apply the heaviest entrepreneurial approaches very easily.

Gökhan Geyik
Misface & Inovanka

He is the most brilliant young guy I've ever seen. I know that he has a natural born enterpreneur soul and he is my new solution partner.
I will watch his smart moves with pleasure and smile. May the innovation be with you, bro.

Cenk Kaptan
Mix.Art & VCS Production

Berk is not only a passionate, experienced and detail oriented manager of his projects, but also an inspiring colleague.
He is a smart, open-minded and extra ordinary person with a great vision & knowledge.
He delivers high-quality results and sets an example for his colleagues.

Ertekin Erdin
Atölye15 & Acticity

Despite his age, Berk is one of the greatest hustlers I've ever met.
I'm excited to wait and see his greater achievements.

Mert Erbil
Hype Oldu! & PhD Candidate

Berk have the passion for producing. I can see the future. Berk will be among the creators of the future.

Ömer Faruk Orha
The Other's Experience Agency

He is one of the best project managers I've met so far.
Working with him and writing art-oriented writings is a unique experience.

Atakan Yılmaz
Colleague & School Mate

He is a highly talented manager and analytical decision maker who may add necessary values to startups.

Serdar Kalaycı
KasetÇalar (YouTube Channel)

Berk is a high school student with very improved communication skills. Also he is good at public speaking, writing and marketing.
Berk has remarkable insight into the larger context of using new media to implement business strategy, and he is the first to come up with many innovative solutions to roadblocks.

Hilmi Öğütçü

He gained my admiration with his abilities like compatibility to team work, hard-working and taking the necessary risks.
Berk stands out with his ability to successfully complete many projects in a short period of time, deal with more than one project at the same time and impressive leadership.
I am proud of to be able to propose him as an amazing team mate in every project.

Taner Sürmeli